• In practice the first principle of following God’s leading is expressed well in these words from Hans Rookmaaker

“Prayer is tremendously important: ‘Lord God, let (us) do something…here (we) are and whatever you want (us) to do is up to you.’ Pray concretely and wait on Him…You must grow in the conviction that there is something that needs to be done, something you want to do, something that you cannot neglect to do. And then do it out of love for others. Begin by praying for others. God will provide the possibilities—perhaps not immediately. Sometimes the Lord wants to teach us through patience to expect things from him alone. Yet he will certainly hear your prayer.”
                                                                                                                                                                               (from Collected Works 6/259)

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  • Participating in Volunteer Support Teams serving at the Biblical Counseling Training Conferences scheduled twice each year
  • If you have training and/or experience in Biblical Counseling, or are interested in receiving training, participate in the Mentoring Group for Biblical Counseling Training Program participants either by electronic distance communication and/or field contact
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    • Consider financial sponsorship of specific staff members, ministry initiatives of Boundary Crossing Ministries or approved national ministry partners