Many of you are aware of the sad news of George Scipione’s rapid decline in health in December 2019 and into January 2020. With grief and sober joy I now share with you that George entered into the joy of his Master on January 22. We received that news on the first day of the conference. Catherine and I had the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh on the weekend of February 8th for George’s memorial service. It was an extraordinary time of deep fellowship in Christ during the service and afterwards at the reception. We remained for several hours with brothers and sisters in Christ who knew George at different seasons in his life and ministry as a preacher, pastor, teacher and counselor—and a genuine friend in Christ. Some of those whom we were meeting for the first time had been friends of my parents in college. We feel deeply the loss of George,“Skip”, and are so thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave us to know him here, and to briefly join together in ministry in Romania over the past several years.

Grace and Peace,

Kyle Ferguson
Biblical Counseling Training Program Director